Saturday, February 12, 2011


Dear All,
Please feel free to tell, talk, tease, or type anything about the above Title.


Jason said...

i have studied English major but i'm not good at conversation. and i have not much chance to pracice it

Do we have any suggesttion?

pipat - blogger said...

Khun Jason krub,
This is my suggestion:
1.Some articles in this link may interest you

2.Patience and practice are equally important and needed. How much or how little do you have both of them?

3.An opportunity will be given to only those who create it themselves. To wait for it is a waste of time.

jason said...

Thank you for your suggestion.

Now, i work in a hotel at Sukhumvit.
As you may know, people who working in the hotel has a lot of chances to use English, But i'cant,
i dont know why.
May be i'm affraid when i say it wrong

pipat - blogger said...

About your situation, I have 2 things to say:

1.Don’t worry too much when you speak. We learn from our mistakes. When we are afraid of making mistakes, we do not allow ourselves to learn.

2.Try to observe the conversational style and normal pattern of English when you read or listen to English. It will help us to correct ourselves and make fewer mistakes automatically.

jason said...

Thank you for your suggestion

if it's better, i will let you know