Saturday, February 12, 2011

Basic English

Dear All,
Please feel free to tell, talk, tease, or type anything about the above Title.


Sukon said...

Dear A.pipat,
This is the important thing that helps me to write English better, I hope so. I feel that it is very difficult for me to write and speak english because I don't know how to begin to. I usually worry about it. I agreed with you about the advise that I should do for English lesson. I think I will try to write in English as much as possible. Nowaday I usually read your blogs which help me to be better English, you know? If my English is not correct, I will not stop writing. It is a good thing if you tell me the wrong words. I wish I were good at English in the future. I want to be able to talk with foreign people. May be, It is a good news for me.

pipat - blogger said...

Khun Sukon krub,
Your writing is clear though there are a few grammatical errors.
I have some opinions in this link to share with you

Bingo said...

Hello, I am very poor english. I don't know what to do to improve, pls advise and i think if someone can talk(chat)eng with me everyday may be i can improve more. Can you?(Sorry for my poor Eng above T_T)

pipat - blogger said...

My suggestion is that you carefully read several articles in this link blogger's opinions until you find the right answers for yourself.

sukon said...

Dear A.Pipat
Thanks so much for your advice. And now I have already read the article that you told me. I don't know to begin to write in English. I think it is too difficult for me to write correctly. Although I know some English vocabularies, but I don't know to use them in the right way. And my English vocabularies are quite basic.
Pls, tell me more how to be good at English and speak it fluently in the short time. I know a few basic words and also tenses.
I confuse how to use the correct english tenses between past simple and present simple in some situations. It is ok when I study it in the grammar books I can understand, but I don't know how to use it in the real life situation.
see you later

pipat - blogger said...

My suggestion to you is the same I gave khun Bingo.

Bingo said...

Thank you for your advise, i will try to read na krab.

Bingo said...

Agree with Khun Sukon.I feel like your post krub.

Ahmad said...
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Ahmad said...

Sawadde A.Pipat
The first I would like to thanks to U because U R good Man serve to social I am very glad youre bloger is evaluating to better. I wanna talk with U but U have advised to talk with english My english is Very low basic I can't write and dont know how to start it I wanna U advise me What can I do to good english (if my comment not apprppriate U can remove it immediately) Thanks.

or said...

my name is Teerasak
I am very poor english.
Help me please